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¿How do I see my message?
First of all, remember that being the owner of an ad, you can view your messages (sent and received) in two ways:
  1. In your email:% PROYECT% will send you an email informing you that a user sent you a message. By clicking on the "View Message" button, it will take you to the login page (in case you are registered); or to the "Registration" page (in case you have an advertisement published, but you are not registered on the site)

  2. In your% PROYECT% account: Following these simple steps:
  • Login to your account with your email and password. (hamburger menu, top right)

  • Click on your profile photo. (up to the right)

  • In the window that opens, click on "Messages".

  • Then you will be shown a list of the messages you have, both "private" or "public" messages, made to "your ads" or sent by you to "other ads". A dot will be shown in the section that you have unread messages.

In the event that you do not have published ads, you are not registered and you have sent a message to an advertiser or seller,% PROYECT% will send you an email informing you that the seller or advertiser answered you.

¡Remember to always check your spam or junk mail!